Strategy Background

The Shared Resource Service (SRS) is a collaborative technology provision in South Wales that provides technology services to the public sector.

The SRS currently has two strands to service provision.

  • the first is the Shared Resource Centre which is a physical presence in Blaenavon that houses a state of the art data centre capability that is used by the wider Welsh Public Sector.
  • the second is the Shared Resource Service which is an integrated technology team that provides services to a number of Public Sector “partner” organisations.

Shared Resource Centre

The Shared Resource Centre (SRC) is at the forefront of data centre services for Wales and already provides services to Gwent Police, Torfaen CBC, Monmouthshire CBC, NWIS and Swansea University and the private sector.

Shared Resource Service

The Shared Resource Service (SRS) is a collaborative technology provision that covers Gwent Police Authority, Monmouthshire County Borough Council and Torfaen County Borough Council. The SRS is underpinned with a MOU that enables a single management structure across the board. The model is one that is encouraged through the Welsh Public Sector Technology Strategy.

Current Position

Wales as a whole is fragmented and disjointed. Couple this with increasing austerity measures and the conditions are right for the radical reinvention of our service offer.

A typical Public Sector organisation in Wales has siloed applications performing departmental functions. If that state is scaled up across the entire Public Sector in Wales there will be over fifty of everything, over fifty HR systems with over fifty different HR processes and over fifty HR back office teams, over fifty finance systems with over fifty finance processes and over fifty back office finance teams and so on. This provides little value for the Public purse in Wales.

The key problem is that there is no shared platform available to Public Sector Wales to enable simple sharing, collaborating or provision of systems to each other. To provide such an environment on new infrastructure on premise would be costly and take a considerable amount of time to achieve.