Redesign Process

The SRS recommended process for redesign of a service is to follow the simple steps of stop, simplify, standardise, share, scale and support and an example of the process working for a HR / Payroll project is shown below.


The partner organisations would stop using separate instances and different versions of HR / Payroll applications. They would stop using different business processes and they would stop managing those business processes with separate teams managing them.


The redesign would include simplification of the business process to enable a single implementation of the new HR / payroll system as close to “vanilla” as possible to enable simpler upgrades, simpler system use, simpler system training and so on. The SRS would remove all other implementations and simplify the technical architecture down to one instance of HR / payroll.


The SRS will implement all new systems on a standard set of architectures and platforms. We will build a standard product set from 2016-2020 and whenever a new organisation comes on board they will use the standard product set. For example, a new Authority will be required to use the HR / payroll system that is implemented in the above example.


The HR / Payroll system would be shared with all existing SRS partner organisations, if not at the same time, then at least at the time that any HR / payroll contract ends. The collaborative HR / payroll system would then also result in an opportunity to collaborate on transactional HR / payroll teams


The HR / payroll system would be built in the One Wales cloud infrastructure and be able to be scaled up to deliver services to as many customers as we need it to.


The support and governance model for the HR / payroll system would be wrapped into an updated SLA for the system.