Partner Dependencies

The partner organisation dependencies for the SRS are that:

  • they set a digital by default position in their business strategies.
  • commissioning statements are delivered to us in a common format that translate their business strategy into a set of technology deliverables.
  • each partner organisation has an information strategy they provide the SRS.
  • the impact of increased costs are placed upon them when requiring a non-standard solution.
  • the capacity to drive business change exists and is made available to the project teams.
  • they use products from the standard product list with commoditised pricing.
  • they engage the SRS at a very early stage in any business case process.
  • they will always underpin new systems with a collaborative process of redesign with other SRS partner organisations.
  • they support the SRS to manage and prioritise core work and function.
  • they own the project backlogs and prioritise them on two weekly sprints.
  • they define what value for money means to them.
  • they retain an intelligent client function to hold us to account for service performance, engage with the business and to prioritise the project backlogs.
  • they support us in failure as it is an essential part of creating success.