SRS Board

ICT programmes and services are expected to adhere to the SRS principles from inception and throughout their lifecycle. Any divergence from (or resolution of conflicts in the application of) the principles will be managed by the SRS Board.

ICT Programme boards

Each of the SRS partners has its own ICT Programme Board which is uniquely structured to effectively govern, acquire and manage ICT projects to meet corporate and individual needs such that costs are reduced, benefits are maximised, interdependencies are managed and operational risk is minimised.

The ICT Programme Board receive business cases for consideration and prioritise work in terms of delivery in-line with corporate priorities and authorise activity, allocation of resources and spend within the ICT programme.  The board will monitor the delivery against the investment schedule to ensure awareness of the current and project financial position.

The ICT Programme Board will ensure that solutions meet the business case requirements and are designed to be cost effective over their lifetime to ensure maximum use of investment.

Operational meetings

The SRS will be represented at each of its partner’s key operational meetings.  SRS aims to provide partners with greater flexibility and accessible ways of communication and working to ensure the delivery of front-line services.

SRS Workstream managers work closely with the partners to ensure the operational issues are appropriately addressed and escalation procedures are in place.

Internal management meetings

The SRS has a programme of weekly management meetings to provide a cascade for communication to the staff. The meetings are designed to monitor high level actions, upcoming change requests, key performance issues, events, successes, project progress and blockers and barriers.

Team meetings

Following the on from the weekly service manager meetings, each work stream has a schedule of team meetings and staff performance meetings  to cascade key messages and ensure the team is focused on the delivery schedules.


The SRS will adopt a holistic approach to the project delivery.  Utilising specialist project teams we are aiming to shorten delivery timescales through an agile, lean and standardised approach.   The SRS has been restructured to ensure effective delivery of service, focusing on optimising project implementation to align with outcomes.  This will be achieved through increased integration across the SRS rather than being managed as separate organisational units.  This will allow us to maximise deployment of our resources.

Project Assessment and Approval

Individual Business Development Groups in each of the partner organisations will assess new project requests.  There are representatives from the SRS in each group.   Projects will assessed against a project assessment matrix to ensure strategic fit against the individual organization corporate strategies.  The framework has been developed by the SRS to ensure that there is a common platform across all partners for the introduction of new work.

Project Review Process

The project review process is the responsibility of the ICT Programme Boards, and is built in to each board meeting.


We recognize that our priorities and the schedule of work will continually evolve. We will respond by fine-tuning and periodically updating our plans using our knowledge, expertise and evidence together with advice from our key stakeholders.  Any revisions to the implementation plans will be submitted for approval by the ICT Project Boards.

Project Leads

Projects are the responsibility of the SRS Assistant Directors.  They will be allocated based on service type.  A project lead will be allocated to all approved projects to act as the single point of contact for the project.

The project lead will be responsible for the identification, management and appropriate escalation of project risks. ICT Project Board will monitor each project and their risk status and advise on appropriate action. Should a project risk increase and have an adverse affect on resourcing, the SRS Senior Management Team will escalate the item to the SRS Board for appropriate action.